Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 19, 2015

We got to Lansing Michigan on Wednesday like at 3:40 pm..... In  my district in the MTC all of the Elders are in this mission and the sisters are in Iowa. In the same mission of Dania. I told them about Dania and even sent a letter to Dania with them...   So after we got in Lansing Michigan... The president was waiting for us in the airport with the AP....  They were so nice. After that President Jacobson Sent us with the AP to the street, to talk to people. It was super fun. I was freezing... It was super cold and humid.   After that we went to his house and Sister Jacobson made sweet pork and salad.... yummy...  !!!    After that we have interviews.  It was great....!!!!  After that we went to the Stake Center... We had meeting  and after that they asked the new missionary trainers to get inside. They gave them a paper with the name of the new companion... They opened and then everybody went around trying to find his or her companion... My new companion is Elder Coziar.... He is graeat.... Something amazing happened to us.... You know Susan Iverson, right!!! She is one of Raul's clients. Well before I came to my mission she gave me a paper with two names of missionaries who are her nephews who are already here in Michigan Lansing Mission... Well, the thing is that while my new companion and i were eating. I took that paper with the names out of my wallet.  And I asked my companion if he knows elder... And sunddenly i stopped asking him because when I was looking at the paper I realized that the name on the paper was Elder Coziar...... I was like.... WHATTTTTT!!!!!  It was unbelievable.  He was surprised too... Well, it shows me just how God works... Well Michigan is Amazing and very cold.....
Elder Caceres.

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