Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey! I am glad everyone writes me.  It help me to keep going. Well you know that I love the Cammack family.... Well, my mission is great and cold.  When get like 12 F, it is like summer for everybody in here even for me now.  Lol.. I've through so many miracles and the Lord have helped me to teach with the Holy Ghost..  I love this Gospel so much. I will never change my mission for anything in the world.  I miss my little brother. (Brandon)  I hope he still knows who I am.  Well,  I am trying to stay warm.  Lol.. Well I am also happy that i finally get my passport. Guess what? I went to the Temple in Detroit, and I love it... Now I know that we are so blessed to have a lot of temples in Idaho..   Because It is the only temple in Michigan... :(..  Well, Keep in touch. 
Elder Caceres
February 16, 2015

Well, I wish to say the same about the weather but I can't. It is freezing in here. Sunday Almost all of the Churches in the West side of Michigan were cancelled.  yeah...  This is super cold. The temperature yesterday was -9 F.  It is suppose to be -23 F one of this days..  We were locked on Saturday the whole day in our apartment. We had a super big storm. We got like 6 feet of snow.  I could not believe it.   Well, yesterday Half of my mission gather to have a meeting with Elder Nash and my mission President. Elder Nash is a General Authority from the Seventy. He is great and he talked to me and he said that he was like a mission President in My country In Caracas Venezuela for 4 years.. :) I was like what?.. Well, It's been great in my mission. I just love this Gospel and the members in Michigan, as well as my investigators.  Almost every single day miracles happen to me.  Hey by the way, I almost forgot. Last Monday, I had a Dinner with the Logan Family they are so sweet. And We went to Mr B's. Well it is a great restaurant. Well We were sat down and we got the menu. We were ready to order and I saw in the menu one thing called the  "The Big B Omelet" Well, I decided to go for it. Well, my companion tell me what? Are you sure that you want to eat 12 eggs plus meat and vegetables. I was like well I guess.  When the waiter come into our table and said to me. Are you sure that you are going to eat "The Big B Omelet." After that I kind of got scared but I said yes. She was like ok. Well are you ready for the challenge. I said," what challange?"  she said, well if you eat " The Big B Omelet" in less than 45 minutes. You will win a T-Shirt and we will put your name in a plate on the Restaurant. I was like sure.. Well, they brought it to me. And it was giant.  Well, I started eat it. And I was talking too. I mean I did not eat like a crazy.  When I finished it, they told me that I finished in 15 minutes. So I won the T-Shirt and my name in the plate. The fastest record is 2 minutes. I did not know they did it but well all that I know is that I won a T-shirt. Lol..  I do not want to eat more eggs in my entire life.. Lol. Well, Hopefully you get my address right. Anyway, I want to give it to you again.\
Elder Caceres
2622 Riverview Dr. Apt # 10
N. Muskegon, Michigan 49445.   

Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 19, 2015

We got to Lansing Michigan on Wednesday like at 3:40 pm..... In  my district in the MTC all of the Elders are in this mission and the sisters are in Iowa. In the same mission of Dania. I told them about Dania and even sent a letter to Dania with them...   So after we got in Lansing Michigan... The president was waiting for us in the airport with the AP....  They were so nice. After that President Jacobson Sent us with the AP to the street, to talk to people. It was super fun. I was freezing... It was super cold and humid.   After that we went to his house and Sister Jacobson made sweet pork and salad.... yummy...  !!!    After that we have interviews.  It was great....!!!!  After that we went to the Stake Center... We had meeting  and after that they asked the new missionary trainers to get inside. They gave them a paper with the name of the new companion... They opened and then everybody went around trying to find his or her companion... My new companion is Elder Coziar.... He is graeat.... Something amazing happened to us.... You know Susan Iverson, right!!! She is one of Raul's clients. Well before I came to my mission she gave me a paper with two names of missionaries who are her nephews who are already here in Michigan Lansing Mission... Well, the thing is that while my new companion and i were eating. I took that paper with the names out of my wallet.  And I asked my companion if he knows elder... And sunddenly i stopped asking him because when I was looking at the paper I realized that the name on the paper was Elder Coziar...... I was like.... WHATTTTTT!!!!!  It was unbelievable.  He was surprised too... Well, it shows me just how God works... Well Michigan is Amazing and very cold.....
Elder Caceres.

January 7, 2015

Hey!!! How are you!!! I have been great. I love the MTC... I can feel the spirit everywhere...  This is like the house of the lord. Where no body is better than others.  I am loving it.  My testimony is growing so fast.  The great news is that the second day in MTC my president assigned me as District Leader!!! WOoooo.... Now I can be District Leader for 2 weeks.. This is awesome....  I have a great district...  I am in charge of 4 sisters and 3 elders.  They love me so much and I love them as well.  Now I know that our purpose is to think in others instead of myself.... Hey by the way.... There is a website call Dear Elder.... you can go in there sing or do what whatever you have to do.. When you get in there you can write like you are going to send an email... But the thing is that you send it as email, and I am going to receive it as letter.... I would love to get letters... I will wait for your letters... 
Franklin Caceres.