Saturday, March 7, 2015

February 16, 2015

Well, I wish to say the same about the weather but I can't. It is freezing in here. Sunday Almost all of the Churches in the West side of Michigan were cancelled.  yeah...  This is super cold. The temperature yesterday was -9 F.  It is suppose to be -23 F one of this days..  We were locked on Saturday the whole day in our apartment. We had a super big storm. We got like 6 feet of snow.  I could not believe it.   Well, yesterday Half of my mission gather to have a meeting with Elder Nash and my mission President. Elder Nash is a General Authority from the Seventy. He is great and he talked to me and he said that he was like a mission President in My country In Caracas Venezuela for 4 years.. :) I was like what?.. Well, It's been great in my mission. I just love this Gospel and the members in Michigan, as well as my investigators.  Almost every single day miracles happen to me.  Hey by the way, I almost forgot. Last Monday, I had a Dinner with the Logan Family they are so sweet. And We went to Mr B's. Well it is a great restaurant. Well We were sat down and we got the menu. We were ready to order and I saw in the menu one thing called the  "The Big B Omelet" Well, I decided to go for it. Well, my companion tell me what? Are you sure that you want to eat 12 eggs plus meat and vegetables. I was like well I guess.  When the waiter come into our table and said to me. Are you sure that you are going to eat "The Big B Omelet." After that I kind of got scared but I said yes. She was like ok. Well are you ready for the challenge. I said," what challange?"  she said, well if you eat " The Big B Omelet" in less than 45 minutes. You will win a T-Shirt and we will put your name in a plate on the Restaurant. I was like sure.. Well, they brought it to me. And it was giant.  Well, I started eat it. And I was talking too. I mean I did not eat like a crazy.  When I finished it, they told me that I finished in 15 minutes. So I won the T-Shirt and my name in the plate. The fastest record is 2 minutes. I did not know they did it but well all that I know is that I won a T-shirt. Lol..  I do not want to eat more eggs in my entire life.. Lol. Well, Hopefully you get my address right. Anyway, I want to give it to you again.\
Elder Caceres
2622 Riverview Dr. Apt # 10
N. Muskegon, Michigan 49445.   

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